Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Surrealist Poets Society" night @ roof68

as guests started pouring in this wednesday night (sept. 23) to Roof 68, they didn't know that by end of night they would become "surrealist poets"; that they are actually going to create a collaborative "surrealist" poem in less than 30 minutes...

Some of them came also to the previous edition of the "thematic night" when it was about eating in the dark.. total darkness.. imagine doing that... so we can say that at least some were expecting something crazy..
the peom/experiment endedup being "realistic" in a way, check it out:

all streets lead to roof 68. just bring your ladder
makes you want to jump over
the street looks empty without the image of my lover
a killer
it was evident he was the lover
and once again we spent the night together
why do you wonder?
sweet time in sweet October
can’t you be more tender?
the sky was brighter
time seemed to pass faster
by the side of the road flowed a river
strolling down, the street unfolds layer by layer
you get a new perspective of it and its corner
street? lost children’s mother
i will remember
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

each sentence written independently and then joined randomly. as you might have noticed, the theme was "a street" the reccurence was the "er" in the last word of each sentence.

We read the whole of it, amazed by the power of coincidence and how a story developed from our experiment.. everyone agreed that the poem should be called "a killer"

later on.. another experiment.. on the spur of the moment Kiki brought an empty canvas, paint, ink, sponges and invited everyone to plunge their fingers and fill it together, and bit by bit it happened till magically the final artwork just emerged

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