Saturday, June 18, 2011

4D Theater!! Innovative play concept coming to Roof 68!!

For the first time in the Middle East: “& now what?” (وهلق شو؟) a 4 Dimensional interactive improvised theater play will be launched by ImproBeirut.

Watch theatre in a new dimension: by experiencing live, interactive performances with our professional actors outside the realm of a traditional stage.

This unique experiential show will let the audience delve into a parallel reality, in which they are the main protagonists, choosing the path they will ultimately experience.

Idea & directed by Lucien Bourjeily

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Tarek Annich
Jean Paul Hage
Youssef Khawaja
Sabine Ojeil
Maya Sebaaly
Farah Shaer

Date = Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd of July 2011

Timing = 4pm to 7pm (Different Time Slots)
Duration of the play = 60 minutes

Location = Roof 68, Achrafieh (Al Shami Bldg., behind MTV offices in Achrafieh)

For more info & reservations: 03-153772
Please note that reservation is mandatory to guarantee availability.

Participation Fee: 20,000 LBP

للمرة الأولى في الشرق الأوسط : "وهلق شو؟" مسرحية مرتجلة تفاعلية رباعية الأبعاد ستقدمها فرقة "إمبرو بيروت".

مسرحية تختبر فيها البعد الرابع، من خلاله تتفاعل وتشارك البطولة مع باقة من الممثلين المحترفين خارج إطار حدود المسرح التقليدي.

هذا العرض الفريد من نوعه يأخذكم الى عالم مواز للواقع، مليء بالمفاجأت، يكون فيه القرار للمشاهدين بأختيار اتجاه وكيفية تتمة الأحداث.

فكرة وإخراج لوسيان بورجيلي

تمثيل - بالترتيب الأبجدي

طارق الأنيش
جان بول الحاج
يوسف خواجة
مايا سبعلي
فرح شاعر
سابين عجيل

تاريخ العرض: 2, 3 تموز 2011
التوقيت: من الرابعة الى السابعة مساءً

مدة العرض: 60 دقيقة
المكان: رووف 68 ، الأشرفية (خلف مبنى مكاتب تلفزيون ام تي في

لمزيد من المعلومات أو للحجز: 03153772
رسم المشاركة : 20000 ليرة لبنانية

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ground 68 opening night!

VAPA would like to thank all the people who participated in the opening of Ground 68 for their support and help. We hope this will be but the first step of a long and inspiring journey.

Friday, December 11, 2009

the nest of experimental ventures

On behalf of the VAPA association, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to the opening of “Ground 68”, the nest of experimental ventures.“Ground 68” is a public space created by VAPA to welcome all people of different backgrounds from all over the country who are involved in cultural creation. The space is intended to become a focal point of social interaction and dialogue, the base upon which we intend to craft our experimental art.The event will exhibit the artwork of the participants who have taken part in the workshops held at “Roof 68”, the first activity completed by VAPA. The exhibition is the result of two different workshops, the first on finger painting and the second on photography. The collection will remain on display until January 12, 2010.
This festive jamboree that will be held on December 12 from 6 pm till 9 pm at AL Shami Building, St. Louis Street, Achrafiyeh, Beirut. For a map of the location please visit We will be honored by your presence.

Friday, October 2, 2009

but you never dared to ask...

Tuesday's intro session to the photography workshop can rightly be labeled as "everything you ever wanted to know about photography but you never dared to ask" as participants rushed in their questions about the artform, Elsee explained minituously from tip to toe what it would take to make that perfect shot "alive".

In the background you could see the active beiruti streets that would be used for landscape try-outs and for first hand experience in composition and subject/concept definition.

In the end, i would totally agree with "looking forward for the next session" as one of the participants was saying as she got past the roughly painted green door of the Roof.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mitlna Mitlak @ the Roof

Last thursday's peformance of the interactive improvised play Mitlna Mitlak was, as usual, amazingly hilarious. The audience had great stories to tell and the energy was just fabulous. Raouf made a lot of fans that night which were dazzled by his impro wit and fully interactive acting.

Zeinab's "i love NY" was visible from the surrounding rooftops as she was playing the crazy shop owner in of the most hilarious scene/story of the night: "the old madman in pyjamas".

What will happen this Thursday in Mitlna Mitlak? Well, as i always say when we start the play: "what you are going to see tonight has never been played before and will never be played here again, it is created for you alone with your stories and your objects, and even sometimes with you as actors/actresses" so expect the unexpected... ;)

Mitlna Mitlak is this thursday (1 Oct.) and every Thursday at 8h30 @ Roof 68 ( RSVP: 03-984646