Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mitlna Mitlak @ the Roof

Last thursday's peformance of the interactive improvised play Mitlna Mitlak was, as usual, amazingly hilarious. The audience had great stories to tell and the energy was just fabulous. Raouf made a lot of fans that night which were dazzled by his impro wit and fully interactive acting.

Zeinab's "i love NY" was visible from the surrounding rooftops as she was playing the crazy shop owner in of the most hilarious scene/story of the night: "the old madman in pyjamas".

What will happen this Thursday in Mitlna Mitlak? Well, as i always say when we start the play: "what you are going to see tonight has never been played before and will never be played here again, it is created for you alone with your stories and your objects, and even sometimes with you as actors/actresses" so expect the unexpected... ;)

Mitlna Mitlak is this thursday (1 Oct.) and every Thursday at 8h30 @ Roof 68 (http://www.roof68.com/) RSVP: 03-984646

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